Viagra and disseminated sclerosis… Is this treatment possible?

You might be very surprised to read the banner of this article, but there is nothing to be surprised of. Nowadays all of us know different names of a great number of medicines and it can be really useful knowledge. There are some questions we would like to ask you.

Are you sure you know everything about all the medications you were ever prescribed?

Do you know all the pros and cons of everything you use?

Well, after reading this article you can open your mind to new things you never knew and never had a thought about before.
Day by day our world changes and all the opinions of the past changes too. There are different thoughts about different things and nowadays you have all the possibility to change your thought about everything around us.
It is common to think that particular things were created with this or that aim, but with the lapse of time you can change your point of view. For example, all of us know what drugs similar to “Viagra” can be used for. Primordially, we think that you can take this medication if only you are a man and you have some particular problems with erectile function, but you can know nothing about “Viagra” as if it was used with other aims.
You probably are interested now which sphere this drug can be used in too. Well, you might have never heard the scientists find out that it can be used in treating such diseases like disseminated sclerosis.

Have you?

There was a range of researches in Barcelona. According to its results “Viagra” reduce the cases of some symptoms of disseminated sclerosis in animals.

The results are amazing!!!

50% of the animals that took part in this research were almost fully treated from this type of sclerosis. The most amazing thing is that results were received only in 8 days since animals were given the first portion of “Viagra”.

The investigators are sure that clinical researches will be started in people who have disseminated sclerosis. If take into account that this medication is wide spread all over the world and there were no complaining according to its usage. This drug is also undergo well with people who use it to fight against erectile dysfunction, so here is one more reason why doctors believe “Viagra” will be popular as in this type of treatment too.
Disseminated sclerosis is one of the widespread inflammatory diseases of central nervous system. According to the statistics it causes one of the biggest disablements in young people.

The worst thing is that nowadays there is no any particular medication that we can call a “magical potion” against the process of worsening with this kind of disease.
There is a group of scientists who try to research if sildenafil (one of the main components of “Viagra”) will really make the same effect in people as it was in the case with animals. According to the researches, from the very beginning of symptoms of disseminated sclerosis every day the animals were given a dose of sildenafil. After the course of treatment the scientist mentioned that almost 50% of animals got rid of this disease.

Taking of “Viagra” helped to renew the normal work of animals’ brains and it is a really good result. There is a great hope that “Viagra” will really be good in treating not only erectile dysfunction, but also disseminated sclerosis.

To tell you the truth, there were already mentioned some cases when taking such medicine like “Viagra” was really effective in treating such diseases like cerebrovascular accidents and even in cases with Alzheimer disease.

“Viagra for women…” Have you heard about it?

There is a thought that there are no “cold” women, there are only unskillful men, but we can make you sure that it is not actually the main reason and everything is a bit complicated.  There are some different reasons why women do not get orgasms and it is not the problem of a man, it is because of some physiological problems.

Some women have particular problems in getting orgasms if their vessels work not in a proper way. The vessels get weaken and in a little period of time it will not lead to the desirable result. It will be harder to get satisfaction in this case or you will even not feel any orgasm. After all women makes the most widespread mistake. They try to find another (better) lover for themselves, but it is not the right way, because with similar problems they will hardly get the result they want with any man in the whole world.

Finally they understand that they will not cope with the problem and it can lead to even worst problems. We know the thing that will help similar women for sure. It is a pity that not many women in our country know about “Viagra for women”.

The main ingredient of this medication is Sildenafil citrate. The way of action of this medication is the same as in “Viagra”, so it makes the blood pressure better and it helps to your muscles and vessels to relax. Under the influence of sildenafil stimulate your clitoris and in some period of time it will help women to get more satisfaction. It is the ingredient which helps to increase the amount of secretion that is also good for getting the desirable things for some period and even several times.

Well, after taking “Viagra” a woman can become more sensitive, the aim of getting orgasm is more clear and real. Though there is some stimulation, the reaching of orgasm in this state is indeed natural, so you need not worry about anything. Your state will be the same as if you did not use “Viagra for women” but you will have totally another feeling.

As like in the case with “Viagra” that is used in men, this medication starts its work only in 30 minutes after swallowing a pill.

You need to take into account that if you take it after drinking alcohol or even eating fat food then its work will be slower. There is also a range of things that influence on the way of work of “Viagra for women”. It depends on your mood and emotional state how long it will take for the medicine to help you to get all you want.

You need to understand clear that every medication can cause different reactions in different bodies. This is the reason why you need to ask the doctor if you can take “Viagra for women”, but even after that if he allows you to do it; you need to be careful in its usage even if the doctor tells that you can do it. At least for a while you need to get to know what kind of reaction you will have on these wonderful pills.

If you have some problems with your body, like heart diseases, then you need to avoid taking “Viagra for women” and the reason of it is well-known. This drug will influence not only the work of your body, but the main target for stresses will be your heart. Of course it does not mean that you need not to live with your casual personal life, but you must not use “Viagra”.

“Viagra for women” is contraindicated to young people at the age of 18. It can make a bad effect on the whole body and especially on the heart.

It will be interesting for you to know where to get this “magical ticket to a new life”. If you want to find it in drug-stores then we need to warn you that it is totally new medication and you can hardly find it there. It will be better if you arrange it and a courier will bring it to your home.

Levitra vs other ED drugs

On today’s market there are many medications to treat male impotence and erectile dysfunctions. Among the most popular are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

All these drugs were proven by FDA and can be found in any drugstore. But of course they can be bought only by the doctor’s prescription. They have slightly different chemical makeup meaning that the effect from each pill will be different. People respond differently to the same drugs.

Naturally, the time of effectiveness will be different too. The deciding factors in choosing the right drug are safety and reliability. Of course Viagra is the drug that has the most brand recognition. It can be explained that Viagra was a great breakthrough in medicine as a drug helping to overcome ED (erectile dysfunction).

That is why many people want to try it first before taking newer drugs like Levitra and Cialis. Another thing that makes people want to try Viagra is that it is considered to be a “safe” drug meaning that it was medically tested many times and it is still number one on the market today. However, Viagra works only for a couple of hours while Levitra may last for 6-8 hours if properly taken. The number of Viagra side effects exceeds the number of Levitra’s. They both include vertigoes, headaches or dizziness.

But side effects are not traditionally considered as the main factor in choosing between these two medications.

Viagra must not be taken in combination with alcohol.

The main difference between Cialis and Levitra is the time of its effectiveness.

Cialis has proven to be more effective but both drugs give a lot of opportunities having sex at any time because their duration is longer than the duration of Viagra. Levitra leaves the body more quickly than Cialis.

Thus a man does not experience any discomfort. Side effects from Levitra are milder than ones from Cialis. Both drugs have some restrictions, for example they are not recommended for use by men who suffer from heart stroke risk or genetic eye disorder. Also Levitra is contraindicated if you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes.

The research has shown that Levitra is the best medication for those men who do not find Viagra effective enough and for those who cannot take Cialis. It helps to get erection long enough to finish having sex. But it is better not to take two or more different medication at the same time to strengthen the effect. Increasing the dose will most likely result in more severe side effects.

It is worthy to mention that Levitra does the same job as Viagra but with a much lower dose. You can take any of the pills at any time you feel like having sex, the will come into effect within 30-60 minutes after intake.

But Levitra and Viagra restrict its use up to 1 pill a day or 24 hours. Cialis is the most long-lasting medication so 1 pill in 36 hours would be enough. It is becoming more and more popular among men for its durable effect as almost everybody is looking for a trusted method to cope with erectile dysfunction.

It is difficult to say which drug is the best and which is the worst due to fact that they act differently in every organism. The general idea of these pills is that they do not act as aphrodisiac, meaning that they cannot make you to want sex. They help you to get proper erection when you are already sexually stimulated.

Viagra? Do you know everything about it?

It is very interesting to know the reasons and the process of creating some well known things.  Medicines are not an exception in this case. For example, every man in our country knows that “Viagra” is a preparation to make an erectile function better and this is the only thing why one can buy it for, but not all of us know that this medication could even never been created.

You may ask how it had happened. All of us know and understand the reasons why this medication became so popular among men all over the world, but only some people know how it was created. It is hard to believe that this important medicine was worked out in the case of mistake.
Well, from the very beginning this medication supposed to help people with quinsy, but then there was a little abeyance in creating “Viagra”. You read everything correct! “Viagra” was created first to treat another disease and then it became like a miracle for people from different parts of the world. The scientist wanted to make a pill against a lot of kinds of flu and quinsy. But they were wrong in their estimations and even did not know that this mistake will be so great for the humanity.
At the 1990th some doctors decided that one of the main ingredients Sildenafil will increase the blood pressure in blood vessels (it was examined before) and it will be a very useful in treating heart diseases.

They thought “Viagra” will be an effective preparation that will help people with pain in the chest too. People who were examining it believed that the future medication called “Viagra” will help to treat stenocardia. It is hard even to think that the well known tablets, produced by the company “Pfizer’s Sandwich”, were prescribed to people to get rid of different problems with other organs.
But then after being prescript this medication, men mentioned this so called “side effect” and they started to buy “the miracle medication” in a very big amount. The doctors noticed this and tried to find the reason of “Viagra” to become so popular.

So after a great amount of researches the doctors find out that the preparation does not influence the heart but push the blood to another organ. You can not even imagine that it was a little bit shocking discoveries and it was wonderful news for humanity at the same time.  There is also one interesting thing that we can call a “conclusion” to this information. If you are a man and you take “Viagra” to improve your erectile functions then you need to remember that it will be good not only in your private life, but also will help to you immunity.

This medication accepts treating of quinsy can help you with a list of illnesses like lung hypertension; we can call it also a high blood pressure.
According to another researches, “Viagra” can be prescribed against mountain disease (hypobaropathy), to renew your body after cerebrovascular accidents, to treat you from sclerosis and Alzheimer disease.

There is a thought that this medication lowers the risk of heart diseases among those who live with diabetic. If you are a woman and you want having babies your doctor can prescribe you to take “Viagra” in some cases, because there were some researches that show its well effect on a woman’s body.
It is not a secret that many men all over the world are ready to erect a monument to this invention and the creators of “Viagra” were rewarded with a Nobel Prize in 1998 for their creation that help to all the people till nowadays.

Cialis (Tadalafil) as a part of the combined medicamental therapy

Cialis (Tadalafil) and antifungal drug Ketoconazole

  •   When Cialis is taken simultaneously with the maximum recommended daily Ketoconazole dose of 400mg, a daily dose of Cialis should not exceed 5mg (one 5mg Cialis tablet, once a day).


  •   At Cialis application with an average daily Ketoconazole dose of 200mg, a daily dose of Cialis should not exceed 10mg (one 10mg Cialis tablet — once a day).


Cialis (Tadalafil) and medications for treatment of gastric intestinal diseases


  •   When Cialis pills are prescribed simultaneously with H2 receptor antagonists (for example, Ranitidine; Nizatidine; Cimetidine), a daily dose of Cialis it is not to be adjusted.


  •   At application of Cialis pills with drugs for heartburn cure (antacids: Alka-Seltzer; Tums; Maalox), Cialis pills is quickly released in the intestinal tract. Accordingly in Cialis pills use combined with antacids a risk of gastric intestinal side-effects is increased (nausea; diarrhoeia)


Cialis (Tadalafil) and bronchodilator Theophylline


  •   Cialis application with the drug for treatment of respiratory diseases Theophylline may lead to insignificantly increased heart rhythm.


  •   At the average increasing of heart rhythm makes only 3 pulps a minute. Therefore combined use of Cialis pills and bronchodilator Theophylline does not provide a clinically significant effect on the cardiovascular system functions and a daily dose of Cialis it is not to be adjusted.


Other medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction


  •   Besides Cialis (Tadalafil) approved by FDA for treatment of erectile dysfunction on November 21, 2003, two more medications are available to treatment of erectile dysfunction — Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) and Levitra (Vardenafil) in the USA.


  •   The interaction of Cialis pills with Viagra pills and Levitra pills has not been studied, therefore it is strictly recommended to avoid Cialis use with drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra or Levitra.


Medications for treatment of cardiovascular diseases


One of possible reasons of erectile dysfunction is cardiovascular diseases which are treated with prescribed different medications. The list of medications prescribed for therapy of cardiovascular diseases includes:


  •   antiplatelet agents; α-blockers and β-blockers; statins and fibrates; nitrate; anticoagulants; loop diuretics; thiazide diuretics; inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme and antiarrhythmic agents.

Despite that Cialis (Tadalafil) provides a moderate vasodilating effect, it can be indicated in a combination with most medications for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


The only group of medications which cannot be taken in a combination with Cialis (Tadalafil) is a group of organic Sodium nitrates:


  •   Rectiv (nitroglycerin ointment); Isordil; Sorbitrate; Minitran; Nitro (Iv); Imdur; Nitro-Bid; Ismo; Nitro-Dur; Monoket; Nitrol; Bidil; Nitrolingual; Dilatrate-Sr; Glyceryl Trinitrate; Nitrolingual Pumpspray; Isosorbide Dinitrate; Nitromist; Isosorbide Mononitrate; Nitronal; Tridil; Nitrostat; Transderm-Nitro)


Application of any organic Sodium nitrates prescribed for treatment of coronary heart disease and stenocardia is contraindicated to Cialis pills.


Cialis (Tadalafil) is contraindicative to men under 18 years and men with diagnosed hypersensitivity to active component Tadalafil.


How to order Cialis (Tadalafil) online?


To buy Cialis (Tadalafil) online, you can choose the most convenient method of payment and delivery for Cialis pills.


You can not only buy Cialis (Tadalafil) at the cheapest price on our online pharmacy, but to get a discount for Cialis pills to compensate the courier service expenses.


Considering that visitors of online pharmacy get a possibility to order Cialis (Tadalafil) online from any country of the world, a medical prescription will be sent to each buyer of Cialis.


The prescription for Cialis (Tadalafil) will provide fast customs procedure for Cialis pills and will guarantee the proper delivery of your order.

Revatio tablets versus Viagra tablets

Active components


  •   The main difference between Revatio pills from Viagra pills consists in Sildenafil citrate quantity in one pill. Also Revatio medication differs from Viagra medication by colour, shape and imprinting.


Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) pills


  •   Colour of Viagra pills — blue
  •   Shape of Viagra pills — rounded-diamond
  •   One film-coated 25mg tablet of Viagra contains 25mg of active component Sildenafil citrate (imprinted VGR25; Pfizer).
  •   One film-coated 50mg tablet of Viagra contains 50mg of active component Sildenafil citrate (imprinted VGR50; Pfizer).
  •   One film-coated 100mg tablet of Viagra contains 100mg of active component Sildenafil citrate (imprinted VGR100; Pfizer).


Revatio (Sildenafil citrate) pills


  •  Colour of Revatio pills — white
  •   Shape of Revatio pills — round
  •   One film-coated 20mg tablet of Revatio contains 20mg of active component Sildenafil citrate (imprinted RVT20)


Revatio tablets versus Viagra tablets

Inactive components


Viagra pills and Revatio pills :


Besides active component Sildenafil citrate, each Viagra pill and Revatio pill contain inactive components providing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the pill.


The list of inactive components used during manufacture of Revatio pills and Viagra pills completely coincides. The only difference of inactive components of both drugs is that the food color FD&C Blue 2 aluminium lake (E132) is used in Viagra manufacture


Inactive components used in the technological process of Viagra and Revatio manufacture are:


  •   microcrystalline cellulose; triacetin; croscarmellose sodium; anhydrous dibasic; hypromellose; calcium phosphate; titanium dioxide; lactose and magnesium stearate.


Revatio (Sildenafil citrate) vs Viagra (Sildenafil citrate)

Indications to drug application


  •   Viagra medication is indicated for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men above 18 years of age, including the erectile dysfunction treatment in elderly age.


  •   Revatio medication is prescribed for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension in men and women (pregnancy: category B).


Revatio vs Viagra

Recommended dosage



  •   Total daily dose of Revatio, the drug for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, makes three 20mg Revatio pills (equivalent Sildenafil citrate 60mg).
  •   The patients are recommended to take one Revatio 20mg pill three times a day during treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.
  •   The interval between 20mg Revatio intakes should make not less than four hours.
  •   By results of clinical trials three 20 mg Revatio pills were proved as an optimum daily dose, as in higher daily doses of Revatio up to 60mg, clinically significant improvement of the pulmonary state is not observed.



  •   For most men, an optimum daily dose of Viagra is 50mg (one Viagra 50mg pill — once a day).
  •   Viagra 50mg pill is to be taken 60 minutes prior to activity with a sex partner.
  •   Depending on erectile dysfunction severity, daily dose of Viagra can be reduced to one Viagra 25mg pill or is increased to one Viagra 100mg pill.
  •   One Viagra 100mg pill is the maximum recommended daily dose of Viagra, any increasing may lead to side effects.

Cialis vs Adcirca


  •   Cialis and Adcirca are trading names of active components Tadalafil.
  •   Medications Cialis and Adcirca are manufactured as film-coated tablets for peroral application.
  •  The manufacturer of film-coated tablets Cialis and film-coated tablets Adcirca is the international pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (headquarters – Indianapolis, IN, USA).
  •  Despite that the peroral tablets Adcirca and Cialis contain identical active component Tadalafil in the compound, indications to application of Adcirca and Cialis are different.



Cialis vs Adcirca


Indications to application


Cialis (Tadalafil) is prescribed for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men above 18 years of old, including the treatment of erectile dysfunction in senior age.


  •   On November 21, 2003 Cialis medication was approved by FDA and Eli Lilly obtained the trading license for Cialis sale in USA.
  •   The trading license for sale Cialis in the European Union was given to Eli Lilly on November 11, 2002.


Adcirca (Tadalafil) is prescribed to adults in treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.


  •   Cialis was approved by FDA for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension on May 22, 2009.
  •   European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved Adcirca for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension in adults on October 1, 2008.


Cialis vs Adcirca

Active components


Each Cialis tablet contains an active component Tadalafil, the quantity in the compound is indicated in mg.


  •   One tablet of Cialis 5mg contains 5mg of active component Tadalafil.
  •   One tablet of Cialis 10mg contains 10mg of active component Tadalafil.
  •   One tablet of Cialis 20mg contains 20mg of active component Tadalafil.


In contrast to Cialis available in a dosage 5mg, 10mg and 20mg, the drug for pulmonary arterial hypertension treatment only in one dosage, 20mg.


  •   One tablet of Cialis contains in the compound 20mg of active component Tadalafil.


Cialis vs Adcirca


Inactive components

  •   Besides active component Tadalafil, each tablet of Cialis and Adcirca contains inactive components.


  •  Inactive components used in the manufacture process of Cialis and Adcirca pills are inert and do not have pharmacological properties.


  •  Inactive components are used only for active components Tadalafil release and disintegration and provide colour to Cialis pills and Adcirca pills.


  •  Having compared inactive components, Adcirca pills and Cialis pills seem to be identical. Inactive components contained in Adcirca and Cialis are: sodium laurilsulfate; lactose monohydrate; titanium dioxide (E171); talc; croscarmellose sodium; iron oxide yellow (E172); hypromellose; hydroxypropylcellulose; iron oxide red (E172); triacetin; microcrystalline cellulose; lactose monohydrate and magnesium stearate.


Cialis vs Adcirca


Recommended dosage



  •  The maximum recommended daily dosage of Cialis makes 20mg once a day. Cialis pills are taken irrespectively of  food, and total duration of the pharmacological action does not exceed 36 hours.



  •  The maximum recommended daily dose of Adcirca makes 40mg (two 20mg Adcirca tablets – single). Like Cialis pills, Adcirca pills are taken irrespectively of food, maximum once a day.


What  differences of drug Cialis and drug Adcirca*?


Considering that active and inactive components of drugs Adcirca and Cialis are identical, the only different thing is between drug Cialis and drug Adcirca namely a trade name, colour pills and contained active component Tadalafil in one pill.


In contrast to Cialis pills (yellow colour), available in a dosage of 5mg; 10mg and 20mg, Adcirca (orange colour) is available only in a dosage of 20mg.


One 20mg film-coated tablet of Cialis is a pharmacological analogue of one 20mg film-coated tablet of Adcirca because each pill contains 20mg of active component Tadalafil.


*The manufacturer of medications Cialis and Adcirca, and the sole legal trade mark owner for Cialis and Adcirca is the pharmacological company Eli Lilly.


How to order delivery of  Cialis pills online?


To buy Cialis online you have to choose a payment method and the most convenient delivery method for this drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction.


On our pharmacy you can buy Cialis online from any country of the world, just make an order for delivery of Cialis pills for a couple minutes, at any time convenient for you. For more detailed information how to buy Cialis online without prescription at discount price, you can refer to the pharmacist of our online pharmacy by phone, email or live chat.


Facts and myths about Cialis, the drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction


  •  Cialis — Myth No.1

Many men think that the drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction Cialis is prescribed only to those men with erection disorders of pathological character.


  • Cialis — Fact No.1

The assertion that Cialis can be indicated only for treatment of serious erectile dysfunction is not true. The indication to Cialis application is a man’s temporal or permanent disability to achieve an erection, sufficient for sexual intercourse.

Thus Cialis can be prescribed even to those men who sometimes experiences erection disorders due to tiredness or emotional overfatigue. That means that erectile dysfunction occurs in certain rare cases.

Moreover, application of Cialis provides erection restoration irrespectively of erectile dysfunction severity because Cialis affects the natural physiological erection mechanism.


  • Cialis — Myth No. 2

The next wrong opinion is a common assumption that if a man is able to achieve an erection, he does not need Cialis.


  • Cialis — Fact No.2

It is true, many men do not have any problems with erection achievement, however, not everyone can be satisfied with erection quality and duration. A risk of erection disorders is caused not only by physiological factors, but also psychological. Therefore the intensive physical or psychological stress negatively affects erection quality and duration.

Cialis is the only drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction allowing a man to keep ability for sexual intercourse during 36 hours. Only one Cialis pill is enough for a man to show sex activity during 36 hours.

Thus it should be noted that efficiency of Cialis does not decrease even after long-term use. So, a regular Cialis application does not require for a daily dosage increase.


  •   Cialis — Myth No.3

Many information sources confirm that the drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction Cialis can be taken before or after alcohol.


  • Cialis —Fact No.3

The assertion that Cialis can be taken with alcohol is true only in part. If learn carefully the list of contraindications to Cialis, it is revealed that alcohol is not listed over there. Because of this some people think that Cialis with alcohol is absolutely safe for the man’s health.

Indeed Cialis and alcohol do not interact with each other, however alcohol and Cialis pills provide a moderate vasodilating effect. If Cialis pills are taken before or after alcohol, a vasodilating effect is intensified.

In high alcohol doses and the maximum recommended Cialis dose of 20mg, vasodilatation leads to blood pressure drop and increased heart rhythm, resulting in giddiness and headache.

Everyone taking Cialis pills should be warned that it is better limit alcohol, the allowed maximum is double whisky a day. Excessive alcohol intake and Cialis pills may worsen the general health state.


How to order delivery of Cialis pills online?

If you have never taken Cialis pills, please, learn the information on therapeutic properties of the drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction before to buy Cialis online.

Buying Cialis online, you can contact at any time to get free consultation with the pharmacist of our online pharmacy and to ask any interesting questions.

To order Cialis online no prescription, you do not need to complete a medical questionnaire, so Cialis online order procedure will take few minutes.

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Dynamics of Viagra pills sales growth


Viagra is manufactured by Pfizer as peroral pills, in a dosage of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Depending on the regional pharmaceutical market development, Viagra pills is supplied:


  •   In blister packs of 1, 4, 8, 12 and 16 Viagra pills
  •   In plastic bottles of 4, 8, 12, 30 and 100 Viagra pills.


Viagra pills sale is carried out in 120 countries of the world and for today Viagra remains one of the most popular medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction.


According to the published financial reports for 2009, 2010 and 2011, Pfizer increases annually the profit for Viagra pills sale around over the world.


  •  In 2009 Pfizer incomes for Viagra pills sale made $1,892 bln
  •   In 2010 this figure increased up to $1,928 bln (+ $36 bln).
  •   In 2011, the income of Pfizer and affiliates from Viagra pills sale made $1,981 bln (comparing to  2010 + $ 53 mln).


Viagra pills sales steadily grow even considering other medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction, such as Cialis and Levitra, are available besides Viagra.


Timelines of Viagra pills launch at the regional pharmaceutical markets.

  •   The first country where Viagra pills were approved for sale was USA. Viagra was approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of erectile dysfunction – on March 27, 1998.


  •   Later in 5 months after Viagra pills appear on sale in USA, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer obtained the license for Viagra pills sale in Australia. Viagra was approved by Australian Drug Evaluation Committee (ADEC) — on August 27, 1998.


  •   On September 14, 1998, Viagra was approved by UK Department of Health and Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (European Medicines Agency). It is interesting that in 2007 Pfizer tried to change classification of Viagra 50mg pills in EU from “prescribed medication” to “over-the-counter medication.” However, in November 2008 Pfizer refused  this idea to get a license for sale of Viagra 50mg pills without prescription and withdrawn the application for classification change. Thus, today to buy Viagra pills 25mg, 50mg and 100mg is possible only under prescription in EU.


  •  After European Medicines Agency, on October 28, 1998 Viagra was approved by New Zealand Ministry of Health. The manufacturer and supplier of Viagra pills to domestic pharmaceutical market is N.Z. Company Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd.


  •  In Canada Viagra pills appeared only in a year later after Viagra pills launch on the American pharmaceutical market. Viagra was approved by Health Canada on March 9, 1999, and the trading license for Viagra pills sale was issued to Pfizer Canada Inc.

Viagra is one of key brands of Pfizer though it should be noted that a serious competition to Viagra make by Cialis and Levitra, and generics Viagra today.

In many countries of the world (for example, in N.Z.), generics Viagra much cheaper are available at drugstores than brand Viagra. Manufacturers of generics Viagra manufacture them using molecular formula of Sildenafil citrate developed by Pfizer.

Considering that manufacturers of generics Viagra did not to spend mullions for development of the molecular formula of active pharmacological component Sildenafil citrate, these expenses are not included in the cost price of generics Viagra.

Nonetheless, it is difficult for manufacturers of cheap generics Viagra to make a worthy competition to manufacturer of Viagra pills, because Pfizer is the sole legal owner of the world famous brand Viagra. For this reason generics Viagra are available at drugstores under different trade marks unknown to potential buyers of cheap generics Viagra.

If you want to buy cheap generic Viagra, before the doctor prescribe a prescription on Viagra pills (Pfizer) to you, ask the doctor what trade marks of generic Viagra are available at local drugstores of your city.

If you have a prescription on Viagra pills or cheap generics Viagra are unavailable at your region, you have a possibility to order delivery for generic Viagra pills on online pharmacy.

Before to order generic Viagra online, check if they send the medical prescription to you with generic Viagra pills. Only the medical prescription will provide fast customs procedure for generic Viagra pills and will guarantee the proper delivery of your order.

Levitra vs Levitra orodispersible


Levitra vs Levitra  orodispersible


Levitra is a drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction, first launched in 2003. According to the international classification of medical products Levitra medication is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor.

In contrast to other phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis) — Levitra medication is manufactured not only as peroral tablets but as orally disintegrating tablets (orodispersible tablets) as well. The manufacturer of Levitra tablets and Levitra orodispersible tablets is the international pharmaceutical company Bayer Pharma AG.


Active components Levitra pills and Levitra orodispersible pills


Each Levitra pill and Levitra orodispersible pill contain active pharmacological substance Vardenafil in the compound. The amount of the active component Vardenafil contained in one Levitra pill and one Levitra orodispersible pill is indicated in mg.


  •  One 2.5mg tablet of Levitra contains 2,5мг of Vardenafil
  • One 5mg  tablet of Levitra contains 5mg of Vardenafil
  • One 10mg tablet of Levitra contains 10mg of Vardenafil
  • One 20mg tablet of Levitra contains 20mg of Vardenafil
  • One 10mg orally disintegrating tablet of Levitra contains 10mg of Vardenafil


In spite of the fact that peroral tablets Levitra 10mg and orally disintegrating tablets Levitra 10mg contain the same quantity of active components Vardenafil in the compound, their pharmacokinetic properties are different.


Pharmacokinetics of Levitra pills and Levitra orodispersible pills


One of key pharmacokinetic properties of any drug is its bioavailability and Levitra is not an exception.

The bioavailability index for Levitra shows the quantity of active components Vardenafil reaching of the systemic blood flow after intake of Levitra pills or Levitra orodispersible pills.

Bioavailability index for Levitra pills like any other medication bioavailability index is indicated only in percent (for example: in intravenous drug administration, the bioavailability index is 100 %).

Bioavailability for peroral Levitra pills makes 15%, and an average bioavailability index for orally disintegrating Levitra pills exceeds bioavailability index for Levitra pills twice making 32% (from 21 % to 44 %).Higher bioavailability index of Levitra orodispersible pills is reached because orally disintegrating Levitra pills are dissolved directly in the mouth. Thus, the most of Vardenafil is absorbed in the systemic blood flow through vascular capillaries in the mouth and only partially through the stomach walls.

Accordingly, the active component Vardenafil is not affected by gastric juice and the pharmacological action of Levitra orodispersible pills is not neutralized by hydrochloric acid.

What advantage of Levitra orodispersible pills?


The main advantage of Levitra orodispersible pills consists in their high biological availability exceeding bioavailability of regular Levitra pills twice.

Difference in bioavailability indices is resulted in different dosages of Levitra pills and Levitra orodispersible pills.

  •  In application of Levitra orodispersible pills, the maximum recommended daily dosage is 10mg (one Levitra orodispersible pill of 10mg once a day)


  •  In application of regular Levitra pills, the maximum recommended daily dose is 20mg (one Levitra pill of 20mg once a day).

Another advantage of Levitra orodispersible pills is that men with problems with swallowing can treat the erectile dysfunction without physical and moral discomfort.


Where to buy Levitra orodispersible pills?


Just as regular Levitra pills, you can buy Levitra orodispersible pills at any drugstore offering medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It should be noted that in USA and Canada Levitra orodispersible is available only under Staxyn trade mark.

If you want to buy Levitra orodispersible pills (Staxyn pills), but you get a prescription on regular peroral Levitra pills, you can order delivery of Levitra orodispersible pills online at any convenient time.

Considering that visitors of our online pharmacy are offered with a possibility to buy Levitra orodispersible online from any country of the world, a medical prescription will be sent with Levitra orodispersible pills to each buyer.

The prescription on Levitra medication will provide fast customs clearance for Levitra orodispersible pills and will guarantee the proper delivery of your order.