Levitra vs Levitra orodispersible


Levitra vs Levitra  orodispersible


Levitra is a drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction, first launched in 2003. According to the international classification of medical products Levitra medication is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor.

In contrast to other phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis) — Levitra medication is manufactured not only as peroral tablets but as orally disintegrating tablets (orodispersible tablets) as well. The manufacturer of Levitra tablets and Levitra orodispersible tablets is the international pharmaceutical company Bayer Pharma AG.


Active components Levitra pills and Levitra orodispersible pills


Each Levitra pill and Levitra orodispersible pill contain active pharmacological substance Vardenafil in the compound. The amount of the active component Vardenafil contained in one Levitra pill and one Levitra orodispersible pill is indicated in mg.


  •  One 2.5mg tablet of Levitra contains 2,5мг of Vardenafil
  • One 5mg  tablet of Levitra contains 5mg of Vardenafil
  • One 10mg tablet of Levitra contains 10mg of Vardenafil
  • One 20mg tablet of Levitra contains 20mg of Vardenafil
  • One 10mg orally disintegrating tablet of Levitra contains 10mg of Vardenafil


In spite of the fact that peroral tablets Levitra 10mg and orally disintegrating tablets Levitra 10mg contain the same quantity of active components Vardenafil in the compound, their pharmacokinetic properties are different.


Pharmacokinetics of Levitra pills and Levitra orodispersible pills


One of key pharmacokinetic properties of any drug is its bioavailability and Levitra is not an exception.

The bioavailability index for Levitra shows the quantity of active components Vardenafil reaching of the systemic blood flow after intake of Levitra pills or Levitra orodispersible pills.

Bioavailability index for Levitra pills like any other medication bioavailability index is indicated only in percent (for example: in intravenous drug administration, the bioavailability index is 100 %).

Bioavailability for peroral Levitra pills makes 15%, and an average bioavailability index for orally disintegrating Levitra pills exceeds bioavailability index for Levitra pills twice making 32% (from 21 % to 44 %).Higher bioavailability index of Levitra orodispersible pills is reached because orally disintegrating Levitra pills are dissolved directly in the mouth. Thus, the most of Vardenafil is absorbed in the systemic blood flow through vascular capillaries in the mouth and only partially through the stomach walls.

Accordingly, the active component Vardenafil is not affected by gastric juice and the pharmacological action of Levitra orodispersible pills is not neutralized by hydrochloric acid.

What advantage of Levitra orodispersible pills?


The main advantage of Levitra orodispersible pills consists in their high biological availability exceeding bioavailability of regular Levitra pills twice.

Difference in bioavailability indices is resulted in different dosages of Levitra pills and Levitra orodispersible pills.

  •  In application of Levitra orodispersible pills, the maximum recommended daily dosage is 10mg (one Levitra orodispersible pill of 10mg once a day)


  •  In application of regular Levitra pills, the maximum recommended daily dose is 20mg (one Levitra pill of 20mg once a day).

Another advantage of Levitra orodispersible pills is that men with problems with swallowing can treat the erectile dysfunction without physical and moral discomfort.


Where to buy Levitra orodispersible pills?


Just as regular Levitra pills, you can buy Levitra orodispersible pills at any drugstore offering medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It should be noted that in USA and Canada Levitra orodispersible is available only under Staxyn trade mark.

If you want to buy Levitra orodispersible pills (Staxyn pills), but you get a prescription on regular peroral Levitra pills, you can order delivery of Levitra orodispersible pills online at any convenient time.

Considering that visitors of our online pharmacy are offered with a possibility to buy Levitra orodispersible online from any country of the world, a medical prescription will be sent with Levitra orodispersible pills to each buyer.

The prescription on Levitra medication will provide fast customs clearance for Levitra orodispersible pills and will guarantee the proper delivery of your order.


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