Levitra vs other ED drugs

On today’s market there are many medications to treat male impotence and erectile dysfunctions. Among the most popular are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

All these drugs were proven by FDA and can be found in any drugstore. But of course they can be bought only by the doctor’s prescription. They have slightly different chemical makeup meaning that the effect from each pill will be different. People respond differently to the same drugs.

Naturally, the time of effectiveness will be different too. The deciding factors in choosing the right drug are safety and reliability. Of course Viagra is the drug that has the most brand recognition. It can be explained that Viagra was a great breakthrough in medicine as a drug helping to overcome ED (erectile dysfunction).

That is why many people want to try it first before taking newer drugs like Levitra and Cialis. Another thing that makes people want to try Viagra is that it is considered to be a “safe” drug meaning that it was medically tested many times and it is still number one on the market today. However, Viagra works only for a couple of hours while Levitra may last for 6-8 hours if properly taken. The number of Viagra side effects exceeds the number of Levitra’s. They both include vertigoes, headaches or dizziness.

But side effects are not traditionally considered as the main factor in choosing between these two medications.

Viagra must not be taken in combination with alcohol.

The main difference between Cialis and Levitra is the time of its effectiveness.

Cialis has proven to be more effective but both drugs give a lot of opportunities having sex at any time because their duration is longer than the duration of Viagra. Levitra leaves the body more quickly than Cialis.

Thus a man does not experience any discomfort. Side effects from Levitra are milder than ones from Cialis. Both drugs have some restrictions, for example they are not recommended for use by men who suffer from heart stroke risk or genetic eye disorder. Also Levitra is contraindicated if you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes.

The research has shown that Levitra is the best medication for those men who do not find Viagra effective enough and for those who cannot take Cialis. It helps to get erection long enough to finish having sex. But it is better not to take two or more different medication at the same time to strengthen the effect. Increasing the dose will most likely result in more severe side effects.

It is worthy to mention that Levitra does the same job as Viagra but with a much lower dose. You can take any of the pills at any time you feel like having sex, the will come into effect within 30-60 minutes after intake.

But Levitra and Viagra restrict its use up to 1 pill a day or 24 hours. Cialis is the most long-lasting medication so 1 pill in 36 hours would be enough. It is becoming more and more popular among men for its durable effect as almost everybody is looking for a trusted method to cope with erectile dysfunction.

It is difficult to say which drug is the best and which is the worst due to fact that they act differently in every organism. The general idea of these pills is that they do not act as aphrodisiac, meaning that they cannot make you to want sex. They help you to get proper erection when you are already sexually stimulated.

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