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Viagra and disseminated sclerosis… Is this treatment possible?

Published on December 27, 2013 By ED-Trio

You might be very surprised to read the banner of this article, but there is nothing to be surprised of. Nowadays all of us know different names of a great number of medicines and it can be really useful knowledge. There are some questions we would like to ask you. Are you sure you know [...]

Viagra? Do you know everything about it?

Published on October 3, 2012 By ED-Trio

It is very interesting to know the reasons and the process of creating some well known things.  Medicines are not an exception in this case. For example, every man in our country knows that “Viagra” is a preparation to make an erectile function better and this is the only thing why one can buy it [...]

Revatio tablets versus Viagra tablets

Published on July 26, 2012 By ED-Trio

Active components     The main difference between Revatio pills from Viagra pills consists in Sildenafil citrate quantity in one pill. Also Revatio medication differs from Viagra medication by colour, shape and imprinting.   Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) pills     Colour of Viagra pills — blue   Shape of Viagra pills — rounded-diamond   One [...]